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Houston2Wheelers, herein after referred to as H2W, is an informal, non-profit motorcycle-riding organization, operating with the sole purpose of promoting good, clean, and safe riding activities. Each member participates in activities solely by choice and participation itself relinquishes any responsibility of the H2W as an organization, and any of its members personally and jointly for any and all liabilities resulting in participation in any group related event or activity. All activities and events must comply with any and all state or local laws and ordinances. Any personal injury or property damage resulting during a group activity or at any time, becomes the responsibility of the individual parties involved, and at no time shall H2W be held liable. Any individual involved in any illegal activities will be subject to immediate removal from all H2W rosters and membership roles and forbidden to claim any and all association with H2W to include, but not limited to participating in any H2W activities. 

H2W reserves the right to accept or reject members and to periodically, and without notice, revise or amend rules and regulations where necessary.

H2W encourages you to exercise discretion while using information contained within the H2W website. H2W makes no representations concerning any endeavor to review the content of any material, or other websites, that may be listed here, and therefore H2W isn't responsible for the accuracy, copyright compliance, or legality of material contained in websites listed or linked from our website.

Liability Disclaimer


The H2W logo, H2W apparel, and other Graphic Replicas are Trademarks of Houston2Wheelers and may not be duplicated or used in any way, on or off line, without the express permission of the Houston2Wheelers Trademark Owner. Other Company Names and Trademarks used in materials on this web site may be Trademarks of their Respective Owners.

H2W Guidelines

Please click HERE for a downloadable PDF version of the H2W Guidelines stated below:



As members of Houston 2 Wheelers (H2W) Riding Club, we believe in total RESPECT and SAFETY for everyone. We have no initiation fees, no dues, no mandatory meetings, and you ride when you’re available with no major commitments. We do not subscribe to the traditional model of a motorcycle “club”. However, we respect all clubs and enjoy good relations wherever we go. To maintain these good relationships, please read the following H2W Guidelines carefully.


Mission Statement:

Houston 2 Wheelers Riding Club, (hereinafter referred to as H2W) is a family-orientated club. We represent motorcycle riding, family, unity, traveling, fun and the camaraderie of the members.



H2W Riding Club is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT organization, operating with the sole purpose of promoting good, clean, and safe riding activities. H2W’s goal is to provide and facilitate an enjoyable and memorable experience that is safe for all participants, while riding with the group.


H2W Riding Etiquette:

We insist on riding in a staggered formation, in doing so please hold your lane; only single file when instructed by the Road Captain.


The use of hand signals for all that don’t have a communication device:

  1. Hazard on road....................... Point with leg.

  2. Staggered formation……..….... Two fingers up.

  3. Single formation……….….......... One finger up.

  4. Slowing down……………...…...... Open palm pumping downward.

  5. Speed up to close the gap.…... Open palm motioning forward.

  6. When stopping, keep your riding position until the bike in front you commit to a parking space or gas pump.

  7. Do not follow too close or too far apart (for safety).  This helps vehicles to recognize we’re all one group. The intent of keeping gaps closed is to minimize accidents with another motorist. NO ONE WILL BE LEFT BEHIND!!

  8. If at any time a rider needs to depart the ride, please notify the Road Captain and the Gunner of your departure. (Road Captain and Gunner will be identified at the beginning of each ride).


Type of Riding:

Our group primarily rides back roads when having a day ride (250-400 miles).  Overnight rides could be a combination of back roads and highways (unlimited miles). Backroads can consist of elevations, curves (sweeping/switchback).


We do ask:

  • Always ride safe, always stay vigilant!

  • Preferably the use of D.O.T. helmets.

  • Not to partake of any ALCOHOLIC beverages while during the ride. (On overnight trips, after bikes are parked for the night, drinking is OK).

  • Respect other members’ rights and beliefs.

  • If you must smoke; out of respect to non-smokers, step away from the group (downwind please).

  • Refrain from the use of profanity or vulgar language.

  • Lower your music when pulling into gas stations/restaurants. It is unsafe and causes limited hearing of your surroundings.  Also, some music with explicit lyrics may be offensive to other riders as well as nearby patrons.

  • Do not do anything that would be a reflection on H2W and our good reputation.

  • We do promote motorcycle and public safety rules.

  • UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will we be involved in any illegal activity.



  • Membership in the H2W Riding Club is open to anyone that is 18 years of age      or older, any race, creed, or sex, and has a valid motorcycle license, as well as proof of liability insurance. Members must ride a motorcycle of 2/3 wheels.  A spouse, (1) one significant other can also become a member if they ride as a passenger, children are welcome to ride as well.  Please leave all relationship related issues: no drama of any kind is welcome. 


  • Becoming a member requires only participating in a minimum of two (2) rides or being grandfathered by leadership and a clear understanding of everything noted in the H2W Guidelines.

A Member that has been removed from the Club for any reason may not be reconsidered for membership again before meeting with the leadership of H2W.

The H2W leadership reserves the right to accept or reject membership and to periodically, without notice, revise or amend the H2W Guidelines and Regulations when necessary.


Last updated 05-Mar-2022

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